Colposcopy follow up appointment confusion

Hello all,

I recently posted a thread about my LLETZ results which confused me as there was no mention of margins. However the letter did confirm that I had CIN3 and had been discharged from the colposcopy clinic back to the GP and that I needed to book a smear in 6 months time. A follow up chat with the the colposcopy nurse at the hospital and my GP confirmed that although I did not have clear margins, the cauterisation would probably have got the rest of the cells and that I should not worry. Both said I needed to book a smear in 6 months time (my GP actually told me to come back for an examination in 3 months time, just to calm me that bit more). So after my initial stress, I came away reassurred and hoping that I could put this all behind me for the moment and just get on with life.

I have been away from my flat for the weekend and came back to find another one of the dreaded envelopes with the NHS logo on the outside. Cue fear/panic/tears. The letter was a confirmation for a colposcopy follow up appointment for April 2013 (6 months after my LLETZ). My confusion is this: In my LLETZ results letter it says I was discharged from the colposcopy clinic, so why are they calling me back in for a follow up? Second, I thought I would only need to go back for another colposcopy if my 6 month smear still showed abnormalities. If I am already booked in for a colposcopy in 6 months time, do I need to book a smear? Or will they do it then? I thought it was up to me to book the smear at my GP clinic?? Is my confusion justified?? Or am I panicking over nothing? It worries me that if I have been booked in for a colposcopy already, they are presuming I will still have abnormalities and will need further treatment.

I will of course call up the clinic tomorrw but I just wanted to see if anyone else had a similar experience? I feel like I am getting conflicting information. I hate the way the hospitals just send out these letters with virtually no explanation and I then have to spend ages faffing about trying to get hold of someone at the hospital who can give me some information!! Just needed to VENT - apologies if I have gone on a bit!!

Oh love, that can't have been very nice for you :( from what I understand I thought it was general practice that CIN3 have their checkup and repeat smear at the Colp. Clinic. I have a friend who had CIN3 this year and is in a different NHS trust to me and she had her check up at the hospital, whereas I only had CIN 2 and have been discharged to my GP for my follow up (in March... roll on March!! Would it be nuts to book my smear for 1st March? lol). 

I agree though, I know its due to data protection and limited resources and them doing this a million times a day and everything, and I'm sure it doesn't bother some people, but when you see that little NHS envelope your heart just sinks and you feel sick and then you get this nonfeeling black and white letter that speaks NHS speak and leaves you with so many more questions than it answers! 

Defninitely call them today and see what the crack is!!!Ooh, I also meant to say (but have got distracted as per) that just because they book you in at the hospital doesn't mean they think you'll still have abnormalities at all, it's just because you're CIN3 and they want a closer look to make sure you're ok :) x x x x x x

Hey Becky,

Thanks for the reassurance and calming words!! I totally freaked on getting the letter and was a ball of tears for a while - I think it was just because it was unexpected. Having slept on it though, I was a lot more clear headed and logical about it all. As it turns out, the letter was sent by mistake (all those tears for nothing!!). The nurse said I just needed to go for a smear at my GP and from those results they would decide whether I needed a colposcopy - she cancelled the appointment. 

The whole episode just made me realise that I need to keep my emotions in check and not overreact - I'm trying to avoid all that fear/panic/dread/stress!!

Good luck with your follow up!! March is not too far away now - I'll have my fingers and toes crossed for you xxx

Aw I'm so glad it's all sorted for you :) :) :) your reaction was totally natural, and now you shouldn't hear anyting until you book your smear with your GP :) I thought I'd never be able to forgeet about it and be obsession for 6 months, but it does get easier :) let us know how you get on :) x x x x