Colposcopy - feeling worried

Hi everyone, I'm 28 and last Saturday I received a letter saying they had found high grade dyskaryosis in my recent cervical screening and that I would need to go for a colposcopy.

I'm feeling very nervous and have had lots of thoughts and worries going round my head as have always had 'women's problems' but my last smear, 3 years ago was clear.

Last year I had around 8 weeks of bleeding which they concluded was PCOS and put me on metformin for this which seemed to regulate things. My only fear is that this bleeding was something else...

I'm probably over exaggerating but just want to know what I'm dealing with now. Would love to hear if anyone has gone through anything similar or advice for someone worried about the colposcopy. Sorry to rant on!


Sarah xx

Hi MissSarah, 

I'm the same age as you and was worried too about having an abnormal result from my smear. I completely understand your concerns, but please remember it's very unlikely to be anything really bad and the doctors know what they are doing. If the meds they put you on for PCOS regulated you it's likely they were correct with the diagnosis. A colposcopy is very similar to a smear, the difference is they dab some solutions on you to show up any abnormalities, they may well take some biopsies for a closer look (don't worry, they are so quick, it's just a bit uncomfortable) then it's done, it doesn't take very long! Remember you are in the system and you will be looked after!! Best wishes to you hun Xx

Hi Sarah,

 I have just been through the smae thing and wanted to share my experience with you to reassure you and hopefully make you feel better. I had my first smear on the 14th March and got the results letter about 10 days later telling me i had high grade Dyskaryosis and i needed a colposcopy. I was terriffied i went to see my GP which really helped she reassured me that it just meant that i had Cell changes that needed to be looked at and may need to be treated to prevent them changing further and becoming more serious. I had the colposcopy about 2 weeks later the nurse's were all lovely the Dr explained that she would take a look at my cervix and if she could see that the changes were clearly high grade she could treat me straight away. I sat in this big chair with my legs in stirrups which was actually really comftable she inserted the speclum and took  a look at my cervix she then applied the soloution which shows up any cell changes. She told me she could see where the changes were coming from and that i could have the treatment there and then if i wanted to She said that i would be fine to book the treatment for another day if i had any holidays planned in the next 4 weeks because you can't have sex, swim or excercise for 4 weeks after treatment.

I agreed to have the treatment that day it was called Lletz and it was fine it took about 10 minuites the Dr numbed my Cervix with local anasthectic and then removed the abnormal cells with a tiny electrical wire i didn't feel a thing and it was over before i knew it. She then said she would write to me with the results within 4 weeks but said i will most likely just have to have another smear in 6 months. A nurse then took me into a room where i had a cup of tea with her and she explained what i had had done and what to expect afterwards and i also had a chance to ask any questions. My Appointment was at 9:00 and i was on my way home at 9:35. I felt fine afterwards i did have some light bleeding for about 2 - 3 days and then some discharge for about 2 weeks but that is normal and will be explained to you after you have it done. 

I got my results about 4 weeks later saying that they had removed CIN 3 and i would need to book a smear at my Doctors Surgery in 6 months to ensure all of the abnormal cells had been removed. i know its a really scary time i hope this has helped you if you want to ask me any questions feel free xx

Hi Sarah

I recently had the same Thing as you cin3. Like you when I got my results I suddenly panicked I had been bleeding randomly and having post coital bleeding for around 2 years putting it down to too much sex!  Silly me. Anyway I went for my colposcopy and had something called a Lletz to remove the area of my cervix effected by these cells.... I have to say I was a state but after joining here I got a lot of answers and felt  better.  I have my results letter a few weeks ago telling me they had completely removed the cin3 :) when is your colp?

Ladies thank you so much for your comments it's so nice to speak to people who are going through the same thing. It's a worrying time but I know I'm being looked  after by the right people.

After receiving my first letter informing me of the high grade cells (the day before I came on holiday!) I had booked in to go private but was very impressed to then receive a letter telling me that the NHS had booked me in for the colposcopy the day after my private consultation was supposed to be so I am sticking with the good old NHS. I had my smear test on 30th May, letter informing me of high grade cells on the 6th June and then booked in for my colposcopy on the 18th June

Again thank you for taking the time to respond xx