Colposcopy- feeling very stressed.

Hi, I am a 34 year old who went for my routine smear test about three weeks ago, I have now been asked to go to the hospital for a colposcopy. I missed the call due to being at work, so she left a voice mail saying if they had have got through they would have seen me two days later on Thursday but instead they are going to do it on Monday, she said it was urgent twice and the text message said URGENT in capital letters.
I am majorly freaking out and finding it very difficult to sleep or concentrate on work. I used to be a fairly rational person but I lost my partner to a rare stomach cancer almost two years ago, he died within two weeks of having symptoms at the age of 32. So the idea of going into hospital at all terrifies me and I feel like I’m programmed to expect the worst. Apologies for the long post. I honestly feel a bit like I’m going insane.

Hi Luce, just wanted to chime in and say I’ve had a very similar experience to you - I went for routine smear test then 2 weeks later I just received a random message telling me to download my local hospital’s app and there was an invite to colposcopy in there. There weren’t any results or anything, I was very distressed by it so I can empathise somewhat. I’m also a similar age (31) and I have no symptoms, only a tiny bit of spotting between periods which I was always told was due to my pill and high stress job. Would you maybe feel a bit better if you could see your result and learn a bit more about why you were referred to colposcopy? I had to ring the hospital in the end to get mine and it helped me prepare for the process a bit. I also find myself spiralling with worry sometimes as I’m from a family which has had multiple cancer deaths - I’m currently waiting out my 3 weeks from colposcopy biopsy for results and it just feels endless. I’m trying to be productive by looking at supplements I can take (e.g. AHCC, Papillocare) - not saying that these will necessarily “help” but at least I feel I’m doing something, other than that I’m just distracting myself as much as I can by taking long walks, spending time with friends and family etc. just wanted to say you’re absolutely not alone.

Thank you for your kind message, I did ring the hospital but only got through to the receptionist who annoyingly couldn’t help me much.
Thankfully the appointment is tomorrow morning, so I’m hoping I’ll get at least some explanation as to why they want to see me, I have a friend coming with me which should help.
I hope you get your results soon and that all is well.
Thank you.

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