colposcopy, erosion, cell changes


I have been a bit of a lurker but the forum seems so friendly that I took the plunge and joined.

I have had irregular bleeding since Dec 2012, I had a smear earlier this year that was clear but developed postcoital bleeding a few months ago. I had my colposcopy yesterday and it showed cervical erosion and mild cell changes - I had a punch biopsy too. I wish I had asked the Dr more questions but I didn't want to hold her up.... Silly I know!


What I wanted to know is whether the erosion and cell changes are linked or if i should be viewing them as separate conditions. She did say that the may leave things for 6 months or freeze the bad bits so I'm guessing that I shouldn't be worried at all? She seemed to only want to focus on the reason listed for referral but I've been feeling off for months with pelvic, stomach pain, basically everything in that area feels off... Would that be linked to erosion?


I'm sorry to bombard with questions if anyone can help or even tell me to pull myself together and stop worrying that would be much appreciated. X

Hello there

I don't know how much help I can be but I just wanted you to know that you are not alone.

I have had postcoital bleeding here and there for a few years (2-3)... with increasing frequency. Lately it would get heavier and heavier, espcially ifit was with 10 days of a period. I have been clear on all my smears, my most recent being about 1 month ago. My doc said I probably have an infection... ??? Er, no! But she asked me in for a swab.I get the results back on Thursday. I know I havent got an infection! Anyway. When my nurse took the swab she offered to have a little look (she was a lovely nurse thank goodness), and she said she saw something... She said it looked like an ectropic. Sometimes called an erosion (some doctors say its the same thing? some don't)...

Anyway... I am going back to docs on thursday to request a colposcopy as obviously as lovely as the nurse is, I'm sure she cant tell if its sinister or not just by visual inspection.. I seem to have a mild dull ache, a bit like very mild period pain. 

I don't know if your symptoms are linked to erosion... Though if erosion and ectropic are the same then as far as I am aware they generally only produce symptoms like post coital bleeding etc... 

I wish I could help you more... The only thing I would tend to think is that if she is willing to lave things for 6 months then you shouldn't be overly worried? What I would say also though is stay on top of it, and get yourself checked in 6 months... Peace of mind. 

Have you had your biopsy results?? I assume you will get those at a later time? I guess you just have to hold tight until they come through. And most likely you have nothing worry about :)

Lets keep our fingers crossed for both of us. There are some amazing brave and wonderful ladies on this forum, hopefully one of them more experienced than me will be able to help you better. Big hugs x

Hi little wren, 

i too had an erosion when i went for a bled to touch and the doctor was concerned about it so I wasn't surprised when I got a letter saying I had abnormal changes. Whe no went to colposcopy the consultant also said it was quite large and ulcerated...she seemed think they could be linked but either way the treatment is the same and that is to have the biopsies (which confirmed the smear result) and lletz to remove the area. I had the treatment under GA 3 and half weeks ago now. what I wanted to say is that I went out of my mind googling and trying to link the erosion before I had the can look similar to early CC so I convinced myself I had it. however I felt so much better once I spoke to the consultant who told me that erosions are VERY common, especially after childbirth, or after taking the pill. I didn't have any symptoms whatsoever, no bleeding, no pain, but to be honest me and my partner didn't really have much rumpy pumpy while I was pregnant and also it took time after birth before I would let him near me and then I had the smear so it's difficult to know if I would have had post coital bleeding!!! I agree with the above comment that it sounds as though they are very unconcerned and leaving you 6 months is a sign that they don't think you have anything to worry about...I know that doesn't help as our minds go into overdrive! I just wanted to let you know that I have had something similar to yourself so that you don't feel alone on this. Take care and I hope all goes well for you in the future xx

To add to my comment above I had high grade changes so the fact that yours are mild is a very good sign and that they could clear up all by themselves. Having said that i think you are well within your rights to get some advice on your symptoms regardless of this as it sounds like you need some sort of treatment, most likely for something completely unrelated.

big hugs xx

Thank you ladies I really appreciate the reply. I do it every time, leave the doctors and remember all the things I should have asked lol I've stepped away from Google as I think mine is more a case of erosion causing the issues the abnormal cells is really the side show in all this. Of course with the biopsy results I will probably have a better understanding of what's going on. After reading on here I'm not really concerned with the cell changes as they are nothing that can't be dealt and I will count myself lucky to have caught them so very early on. I  do however hope they can deal with the erosion side of things just so I don't feel so ukky all the time. X


I wondered if any of you ladies could help. I've always had normal smears and last one 18 months ago. However in last 2-3 months suffered from post coital and during coital bleeding.

i went to my company doc who did internal and told me a needed a two week referral, said I should go to local gp and get one. I went to local gp who also took a look and managed to get mean for a colposcopy within a week. I had the colposcopy yesterday and they identified erosion and two patches that looked abnormal. Biopsies were taken and now I have the long wait- up to four weeks I am told. The thing is I went on my own- partner a bit useless and wished I had asked questions but was in daze about it all. I'm comforted from reading that lots of women have had lletz and have subsequently been ok it I also read here that some have continued or worse bleeding as a result. There are other treatment diathermy cautery and freezing and I wkd weed if these were any better. The consultant sad regardless of biopsy results I will need to comeback for treatment of the erosion and so want to make sure I make the right choice. Is there a choice?

how did you find your partners reacted to this. My husband of 17 years has been a bit useless. No hugs or asking how I feel and Ifeel quite alone. Wondered if this was common amongst

women going through this, or do I just have an emotionally retarded husband?