Colposcopy during pregnancy


I’m currently 14 weeks pregnant and I’ve just received a letter for a colposcopy appointment in Sept. I’ve been told that I shouldn’t have any internal examinations whilst pregnant so I will need to cancel it.

Due to lack of staff at the hospital, I haven’t actually had a check up since Nov 15 and I wont be having one until after Feb 17 (mine are supposed to be every 6 months). I’m worried this gap between check ups is too long!

Does anyone have any advice please or routine check ups and pregnancy??

Thanks x


i didnt have a colposcopy throughout my pregnancy and went about 10 months without a check up. I am assuming your pregnancy will be monitored quite regularly? i just assumed the specialists doing the scans would point out anything. I've had 2 colposcopys since having my daughter 6 months ago and both have been fine. 

Good luck with the pregnancy! X