Colposcopy done :)

Went for my colposcopy today
Was very anxious before getting there felt sick and terrified!

The waiting room was busy and there were women of all ages there for the same reason as I was which made me feel better as this is quite a common thing!

Got called in there were 3 nurses a sister a staff nurse and a hca and they were absolutely fenominal
Firstly they asked how I was feeling so they know that everyone who walks through their doors is feeling very anxious and vulnerable!
They explained everything to me they said that from my smear I have moderate cells whereas I thought I was severe which was a better news, she also told me that she wasnt going to give me treatment today because she wanted to see the biopsy results first because if she can avoid giving me treatment and keep a close eye on me she would prefer to do that as I have not yet had children, she gave me plenty of time to ask my own questions obvs I said that I was afraid she would find something more sinister she said she can normally see by looking at it if there as anything really bad there

So I proceeded to get changed they kept me covered up through the whole thing which my nurse at my gp didn’t so I was a bit afraid of how I’d be treated! I didn’t feel on show at all

They showed me my cervix on the screen after she put the solution on it didn’t look anywhere near as bad as some pictures iv seen! (Bloody Google) They turned the screen away from me when they did the biopsy which I was glad of really cos it caught my eye after my second biopsy and all I could see was blood :confused:

She took the first biopsy and it hurt me but I think I’d wound myself up and bottled all my fear away that I just got a bit hysterical and started crying but the hca was like my Nan and wiped my tears and held my hand honestly the staff where amazing!
She asked me if she could take another I said yes but do it quick and the second one wasn’t half as bad as the first!
They then got me a glass of water and let myself calm down as I became really hot and shook up
She then told me that my results will be back in 3-4 weeks
She thought from what she could see it was more CIN 2 than 3 but can’t be sure until results are back
She’s 50:50 wether I need treatment but if I do I only need a local not a GA so from what I could see and what she said the area wasn’t as big as I created in my head!

In a bit of pain just like dull period cramps not any massive bleeding took some painkillers and it’s gone away
So now just the wait for the results but I’m going to enjoy Christmas now and just wait for the letter all out of my hands now

Nov - Smear

Dec 2015 - abnormal, high grade dyskaryosis

Dec 2015 - Biopsys taken ?CIN 2/3 ?letz treatment await results in 3-4 weeks