Colposcopy done

So I received my letter last week saying I had high grade dyskaryosis last Saturday morning. Totally freaked out. Couldn’t eat or sleep and got colposcopy appointment for the Friday just gone. I just wanted to let you know my positive experience of it so it might help those who have it coming up.

I arrived in the morning, walked straight into the clinic and proceeded to cry. The nurse was lovely and explained everything to me and I signed consent forms for lletz.

There was the nurse practitioner who did the procedure and 2 other nurses in the room. I chose to go in alone as I didn’t really want anyone seeing me having it done. They were lovely and talked to me all the time and tried to take my mind off of it.

It was uncomfortable when she put the speculum in but then she had a look, told me there was a small area that needed treatment and showed me it on the screen. I thought it looked huge but it was magnified in the screen. Next thing I knew she said she had already done half of the local anaesthetic and I hadn’t felt a thing. I didn’t feel a thing while she did it but squeezed the nurses hand for all I was worth.

Afterwards I did nearly faint but I suffer with low blood pressure so they gave me tea and biscuits and made sure I was ok before I left. The nurse practitioner came out and explained to my husband and I that she didn’t think if looked really bad and that she thought it would be cin 2 and that she had got it all.

Honestly it was not as bad as I expected. I had period type pain after and not got the bleeding yet. It was definately much worse in my head and I had got myself into a terrible state. I won’t even say to those waiting to have it done not to worry because I know you really can’t stop yourself but hopefully your experience will be as positive as mine.

Just the long wait for formal results now and praying it’s as good as the nurse thought.