colposcopy different to my smear test

Hi ladies,

Bit confused here is brief description i had smear done in October and shock was that it came back with severe changes im 44 and never had this happen before been up to date with all previous smears. So had appointment for colposcopy just under 2 weeks later but when having this done what he saw was not what my smear results had said he was little confused but he did two biopsies that came back 2 weeks after and all it said was warty abnormality (which im thinking is hpv??) and for an appointment for 4 months later for smear and colposcopy which is in fact next week on 23rd February and i just dont know what to expect to see just very confused at the moment has it happend to anyone else like this?

I to had conflicting results.  

Mine was possible high grade squamous intraepithelial lesion which looked high at colposcopy, but 2 biopsies were taken and came back inflammatory changes with no evidence of cin, hpv or cancer. 

Good luck with your follow up 

yes its all very confusing at times thank you hun x