Colposcopy date

Hi ladies,

I posted last week as an absolute wreck having been scared witless by the results of a recent smear test.

Having had yearly smears since 2004 following LLETZ for CIN3 I have been informed of an abnormal smear again together with presence of high risk HPV and a referral to colposcopy again.

Today I received a letter inviting me to colposcopy on 6th Dec.  I didn't want anyone here to think I was rude or ignoring any replies but having got the initial fear off my chest so to speak I have immersed myself back into work to keep busy and wear myself out in order to sleep at night.  I have to avoid allowing myself spare time which leads me to google and here which ignites the fear even more.  I am now trying the ostrich technique for a month to try and save my sanity.  Wish me luch as my head enters the sand......

Take care and speak soon!


Di x


Good luck x