Colposcopy consultant as cells couldn't be removed by nurse

So I attended my st colposcopy appointment on Thursday at my local hospital having r viewed a letter to confirm j have severe abnormalities.

The nurses were lovely and calmed me massively. However, after investigation the colposcopy nurse confirmed she wasn’t able to remove the abnormal cells and I would have to go to the local main hospital to see a consultant for them to be removed.

Has anyone else had this?

She told me it was due to some cells being raised due to hormonal factors (she suspected it was due to being on the pill). However, it has made me really concerned.

I am now waiting for my new appointment.



Hi Jo

Sounds like you will be referred to have them removed under GA. Apparently they do this if there is either quite a large area, or the  cells are a little hard to get to without causing you discomfort.

I had mine under GA and it was fine, you just wake up when it's all over :-) I don't think this means anything sinister (you already know it's CIN3), just that they want to be able to do it without causing you any pain!