Colposcopy... Confused

Hi all,

so about a month ago I had some swabs taken as I was having symptoms of CC (I am only 23 so couldn't have a smear), after looking at my cervix the doctor said he needs to reffer me to the gynaecologist. I was able to get a gyno apt for 2 weeks after, but had to reschedule as I came on my period and was very heavy. The day after I rescheduled my apt (was re-booked for the next week) I received a letter from the gyno cancelling the apt and re-booking for a months time... which is far too long for me to wait. BUT I also received a letter from a different,  bigger hospital in the area telling me they have booked me in for a colposcopy.

I haven't even been seen by the gyno and so I'm confused as to why I am booked in for a colposcopy? Can anyone help me by explaining how it usually works? It has left me really really worried as I didn't think it would get as far as this, I always thought a colposcopy was pretty serious? I don't understand why they have booked me in for one...

Also, this now means that my colposcopy is booked in BEFORE my gyno apt?

I hope this makes sense


colposcopy is similar to a smear test but more thorough and done by a gynaecologist. He will look at your cervix through a magnifying glass and will apply different liquids to check if all ok. He may take a smear test or a biopsy. This procedure is PAINLESS and you can see your cervix and what he is doing on a screen if you want but i would not advise you to :).  

Hi, thank you for your response! Does this mean that I should cancel my gyno appointment? As it sounds like a colposcopy is similar? As they are two different hospital appointments. Sorry for all the questions!

if I was you I would call the hospital that booked you the gynae doctor explaining you were booked for a colposcopy by another hospital, see what they say. Colposcopy is definitelly more important (as the gynaecologist can investigate there and then)  than just a consultation with a gynaecologist :) 

Hiya :-)

If it were me I wouldn't cancel the second appointment until after I had had the first. See what happens at the colposcopy. If that answers all your questions to your satisfaction then cancel the gynaecologist appointment, but if it doesn't, then you are already booked in for a second opinion and another ear.

Just my opinion.

Be lucky


Thank you both for your responses.

I'm really getting nervous for the colposcopy, I've been reading about it online and I found the swabs really uncomfortable and this just sounds worse. I suffer from really bad anxiety and I just can't stop worrying about what they might find. I'm probably over-worrying

Also, I've kept the gyno apt just in case

The Colposcopy is nothing to worry about at all:). Don't forget the doctor sees "front bottoms" all day so for him/her it is just another case and 100%normal. It does NOT hurt at all. The way I looked at it was, that I would rather have colposcopy than going through something more serious and painful - so we are in a way extremely lucky that the only thing we have to go through is a colposcopy :). Seriously, just relax, it will be ok, I promise :). (And I have 0 threshold for pain!).