Colposcopy complete!!!


Had my colposcopy done about an hour ago (I’m on route home yippee) before hand the nurse explained that my changes were sever and she was going to put liquid on to show up the changes, when she done this she explained that she could see the changes would I like her to go ahead and remove them there and then or would I prefer to come back … I told her to go ahead … is this lletz? I’ve been reading up but not sure? She also said that in 4-6 weeks I will hear back from them but she is hopeful that she managed to remove them all today … has anyone had a similar experience and what was the outcome? X

Yay! Did it hurt? If she removed them then and there it should have been the loop surgery, yes. However - why do they do that so often in Euroor without doing the biopsy first to confirm?


Ohh I just thought that was the best option? What's likely to happen now do you know?xx

It wasn't sore I felt a few sharp pains but nothing bad x

Anyone that's had lletz how did you feel few days after? I feel so sick a little cramping no bleeding just feel really sickie is this normal xx