Colposcopy, CIN3 confirmed without the need for biopsy


my names Zoe, I’m 28 Years old and recently went for my second smear. My first smear had been normal and I didn’t really have any reason to be concerned about my second one however for some reason I became really anxious and was convinced something would come back abnormal. Prior to my second smear I didn’t really understand it all, the process, symptoms etc I just knew it was to prevent cervical cancer, however as i was so anxious I had been having a read up about it all so I could fully understand. 8 days after my smear I received a letter high grade severe abnormalities found and Colposcopy booked 1 week letter. As soon as I read the letter I went in to meltdown mode, I just felt so emotional and scared and feared the worst. Its Almost as though my subconscious was telling me something was wrong and then that was confirmed in this lette. I have been seeing the dr for a while as I though I may have IBS a few months ago I started to have lower abdominal and back pain, with nausea, bout of constipated then diarrhoea, now you can imagine my mind is going  with all these thoughts that actually this has maybe been a sign for something much more serious all along. 

I had my colposcopy appointment today, the nurse spoke to me about what would happen, I told her I had been reading a lot and seen lots of posts about other ladies experiences and asked a few questions one being would I have LLETZ, she told me I was jumping 6 steps in front and to wait and see what they can see during examination. She explained a biopsy would probably be taken depending on what they saw etc.. they used the dye to highlight the abnormal cells and after 5 or so minutes she explained to me that she and another dr who was also present could see CIN3 cells present and that they wouldn’t even need to do a biopsy to confirm this. This has scared me even more, for them to be able to comfirm CIN3 without needing the biopsy makes me feel as though they must be really really bad. I am now feeling even more anxious, and feel as though my worst fear is going to be confirmed. I now have to wait for lletz and then the results from that to have a bit of peace of mind. 


Has  anybody had a similar situation? 


Sorry for the long post.

Zoe x

Hi Zoe,

I am in the same boat as you, got my results in the post on a saturday severe abnormal within half hour got an email saying i had been booked for colposcopy on the Monday. Went in and they did the lletz straight away.... and told me they will be in touch with the results... seriously scared me to death. I was under the impression i would get answers there and then.

Rach x

Hi Rach, 

its quite stressful all the waiting isn’t it! I wish they had just done the Lletz today and that I wasn’t having to wait for that and then the final results.. I’m hoping everything will be fine but I am also so worried that I can’t stop thinking about it and all the possible outcomes.

How was the procedure for you? and how did you feel afterwards?

I hope your results come back  and fingers crossed they will have removed all bad cells and nothing more will be necessary.

Zoe xx

On my colposcopy appointment the Dr confirmed i had CIN 2 and she took a biopsy and performed the LLETZ there and then under local anesethetic, i'm still waiting on the results to confirm this but hopefully that will be all that was needed.

Hi Ladies, I know it’s easy for me to say this, but please try not to worry. These abdominal cells are very slow progressing, may not develop into anything sinister and if it were, it can take 10-15 years to.

Colposcopies, biopsies and LLETZs can give a more accurate diagnosis than smears, as the health professionals can actually view the cells during these examations. If it were anything more than CIN, it‘s more than likely to be seen during smears.

I also suffer from IBS, suffering from bloating and pain throughout my abdomen. During my recent hysterectomy, it was found that my pelvis was completely normal, and my womb and cervix only showed HPV abnormal cells only. So even though I was diagnosed with CIN3 with high risk HPV in May this year, it hadn’t progressed anymore than that in 5 months.

Hope this is reassuring to you all!

Hi Zoe, 

The lletz was ok to be fair. Obviously a tad uncomfy but i did not feel the procedure. After i had period like pains and still have them on and off but im not in agony. Some bleeding not much.

Hope your appointment goes well and try not to google as i think this makes us worse lol.

Rach x