Colposcopy (Children Mentioned)

Hi All,

i have been lurking for the past few days after receiving a letter on Saturday morning to confirm I had an abnormal smear result. What was hugely frustrating was that the letter said I required an urgent referral and my doctors should have already contacted me by now - which they hadn't alongside the fact it arrived at the weekend when I was entirely powerless to do anything!!

i am 28 with a 5 year old son and frankly this has just sent me into a massive 'what if?' type panic.  I can't sleep I feel teary and just generally a bit of a mess. I like to think of myself as quite a strong positive person but when I opened the letter I just crumbled.

Last year I went to the doctors with lower right back pain, exhaustion and generally feeling run down and had a whole battery of tests ending in a colonoscopy that identified a stomach bug.  I and my doctor thought that was that but in honesty the back pain remained albeit intermittently and I have simply been too busy and distracted with work and life in general to follow it up.  I'm starting to worry this was a sign of CC and I am petrified.   I have also taken an age to get over minor bugs, colds and the like.  

I spent alll day trying to get hold of my doctor to get my referral organised and to be honest they couldn't seem less interested. I had to ring three times over the course of the day after I just never had a call returned and when I did get the doctor she didn't discuss anything about my results and simply said I could pick up my referral from reception on Wednesday.   Luckily I have private health care with my job and I am booked in for my colposcopy tommorow at 6pm.

Weighing on the good side of things very heavily I have a wonderful supportive partner and gorgeous little boy.

Has anyone else had symptoms like this alongside there abnormal results?

Sorry for the rant and thank you in advance! 



Did you have your smear at 25? Or have you previously had a smear? Cc is slow growing and pre cancerous cells or abnormalities are a warning sign that they could potentially lead to cancer. its very unlikely it's developed to cancer in such a short space of time. It's very common to have abnormalities that are treated with complete success and stop anything scary developing. Lletz and of cone biopsy are the most common treatments. 


Hope colposcopy gives you some peace of mind.


Charlene.  Xx

Thank you Charlene.  Yes I had a smear at 25 but was 7/8 months overdue for this one.  I'm sure I am hugely over thinking the whole thing. 


Thanks for replying , not feeling entirely on my own and just reading through the forum is helping a lot!!