Colposcopy - children mentioned



i wonder if anyone has been through the same experience as me, when I was 25 I had my first loop biopsy for cin3 then got referred again for a punch biopsy then 6 months later had another loop biopsy. I have no children but next year when I'm married I would like to start a family. I've have been to the gynocologist today and says my results are negative for abnormal cells but will need a operation to open my womb because due to treatment it has tightened up. Has anyone experienced this? I'm so scared and upset about it all. Can someone please advise me. 

Hi There,

I've not been through exactly the same as you but i did have a loop biopsy after my first smear for CIN 3. I was told that Stenosis is a possible side effect of having a loop biopsy it means that the cervix closes completely after the procedure which obviously can make it very difficult to get pregnant. I's good that you can have an operation to open it once it's been opened you should have no problem getting pregnant. Do you know as soon you can have the op? Xx

I'm not sure yet I have an appointment next week to discuss it. Thank you for replying to me xx