Colposcopy - can they do the treatment?

i have my colposcopy tomorrow. I am relieved it's coming round now as I have been told I have severe abnormal cells. 

Is there a chance they will do any treatment they feels needed tomorrow? I just want it all over and done with now. I haven't eaten properly since I found out and haven't been to work. I really need this sorted as I'm so scared  

Hi. Don't worry, it's quite a quick procedure. I found it uncomfortable but not painful, like a smear. If they feel you need treatment then they may do it there and then. With your consent! They did a LLETZ when I went for my colposcopy. 

I'm actually hoping they do it when I'm there just to get it over and done with. Also knowing I have been treated which will hopefully take a load off my mind 

As your cells are severe they probably will. Waiting and worrying is awful isn't it!!

It's the worst! I haven't eaten properly and had to take time off work. 

Im hoping for some good news tomorrow 

I think it depends on the hospital trust whether they are willing to do treatment at the same time as colposcopy. It's weird how different it is for different areas of the country. My doctor was able to tell that I had very severe changes and that it covered  large area of my cervix however he wasn't willing to remove it on the day. I just don't want you to get your hopes up xxxx

yes I can imagine it does vary massively. 

I just hope it's dealt with sooner rather than later :)

My smear came back abnormal I had CIN3 an was sent for colposcopy she did the lletz there an then so fingers crossed for you x