Colposcopy but couldn't see CIN 3 cells as cervix closed up!

Hi everyone - I went last week for a colposcopy as CIN 3 had been found on my last smear.  I was quite worried when the doctor said she couldn't see the abnormal cells because my cervix was tightly closed and said they must be further up!?! 

I've got to go back for a Lletz procedure next Tuesday (12th Feb).  Sadly she couldn't do it last week because of medication I'm on.  Apparently I should have been told to stop Aspirin 7 days prior but no-one told me!  I was crushed as I was really psyched up for it and I'm worried about the extra delay.

Has anyone else had abnormal cells like this which were higher up the cervix / womb?  And, does this mean a bigger biopsy will have to be taken?

By the way I'm 56 and have just gone through the menopause.

Thanks to everyone for helping


Louise x



Hi Louise

I'm sorry your appointment didn't go smoothly. I feel your frustration!

I wondered how you went and I sent you a private message before I found this post.

Sorry  I can't help with your questions this time , but I am sure someone will be able to.