Colposcopy & Biopsy



i had a smear in january and was informed I had high grade dyskaryosis. Anyway, a few weeks later I went to my local hospital for a colposcopy where they completed it and took two biopsies. The doctor told me that there was abnormalities but they did not appear to be cancerous. To be honest, just hearing that las bit was enough for me and so I left to begin my four week wait to see how my results come back feeling pretty relieved if I'm honest. 


Now I'm home and it's been almost two weeks I'm confused... Firstly can anyone tell me why I didn't get offered treatment that day if abnormalities we're there?? Also, at no point as anybody said I have HPV virus. Must I have this to have abnormalities? 


Sorry if I sound silly... Newbie! Thanks

Hi GemLou,

I think it depends if your clinic does 'see and treat' as not all clinics do. There are a couple of reasons why they mat not have treated you there and then.

1. Its not the hospital policy to treat on the day (most likely if they didn't mention to you in the pre-colpo chat)

2. The appearance of your abnormalities does not look as bad as your smear suggested and they want to biopsy to check treatment is warranted rather than waiting to see if it clears up.

Regarding HPV, my sample was not tested but the Consultant told us that if you have severe CIN3 that it is assumed you have HPV. After a clear LLETZ result your next smear would be HPV sampled.

Well done for putting it to the back of your mind til now. If you can manage to do so try to keep that way. The likelihood is that it will all be fine, try and remember that and not go crazy-bonkers like I did :-) 


The doctor did say id need treatment because i remember him saying it'd be similar to the colposcopy just take a little while longer. Prior to the colposcopy he said he would do treatment the same day if I was "desperate" to have it. I guess I just didn't understand why so many people had it and i didnt. 


when I recieve the results from the biopsies will it explain on the letter what treatment I'll need? 


Thank you

Hi again,

I didn't have a biopsy as I did have an all in one appointment. I was most definitely giving off desperate vibes :-) I really wanted treatment there and then and was mortified when he called the consultant in to check if it was ok as it was a pretty big area.

I think it normally takes a few weeks for the biopsy results and then they will write to you to tell you if you need treatment. I think they normally send an appointment letter in the post, but may vary from hospital trust to trust. Hopefully you will hear some news soon but if it gets to 4 weeks I would defo give them a call to chase it along


Hi iv been the same as u. Abit confussed? had my smear 2 weeks ago came back high grade dyskaryosis had my colposcopy today. They didn't do treatment but took two punch biopsys. I went there thinking I would get treatment coz my smear results were high grade so didn't think i would have a biopsy? Is it the biopsy that determines wot CIN u have? The whole  experience is cooking my brain. Xx

Hiya. I'm new on here and wondered if I could ask u wen u had ur colposcopy did they tell u how white ur cells went after they put the solution on? Only in the same as u but hasn't had my biopsy results yet? Xx