Colposcopy/Biopsy Results

So, I just got out of my follow-up appointment regarding my colpo/biopsy. I was so shocked when they told me that my high grade pap came back normal! They were even shocked. My doctor had to call the lab people to double check. They said they see low grade come back normal, but not high grade. Or very rarely anyway. Has this happened to anyone else?

My options are to have LEEP anyway for peace of mind or to come back in 12 months. I think I’m going to get fit, take vitamins, eat better & just go back in 12 months. However. I did request my records and am now reading I have HPV16. Bad news?

Endocervical Cutterage- Acellular debris and rare minute fragment of endocervical surface epithelium, insufficient for diagnosis.
Cervical Biopsy, 6 o’ clock - Polypoid fragments of endocervical mucosa consistent with endocervical polyp. No dysplasia or HPV changes are identified.
Cervical Biopsy, 10 o’ clock - Polypoid fragments of endocervical mucosa consistent with endocervical polyp with chronic and focal acute inflammation. No dysplasia or HPV changes are identified.
Cervical Biopsy, 4 o’ clock - Chronic active cervicitis at cervical transformation zone. No dysplasia or HPV changes are identified.

I’m confused. She told me she thought it was weird because she saw HPV changes and lesions, but maybe it’s ectropion or something?

Also, does the above mean I have polyps, cervicitis, & that the ecc didn’t grab enough??

I think waiting is a fine choice. Eating healthy, exercising, and focusing on reducing stress levels and getting good sleep to strengthen your immune system must help fight off the HPV/cell changes. One of the three doctors that I saw during my process said that a large percentage of high grade changes can heal on their own (it was something like 20 to 30 %). So as long as you go get that follow up smear to make sure that the changes are going away and not sticking round. Overall between my LLETZ and my first high grade smear I had about 8 months, so its not much longer than that you will have to wait, and no one ever seemed concerned about the length of time spent waiting round in my case.

I did not have to time call the clinic today to find out what level of changes they found in the tissue taken out with my LLETZ, but it will interesting to see if its the same as what my smears showed or if its a lower level of changes, which may mean that it was healing on its own.

Hi Traveller81 :-) 

I'm not very good with all the terms but i have read that hpv16 is one of the ones which most cancers are caused by.  I think if it was me i would probably go and have the leep procedure done to be safe.... it may be a little uncomfortable but will not take very long.  Or at least get at another opinion


Hope it all works out ok for you x

Gabrielle - Thanks, I agree :) I hope your results come back clear!! 

Sunshinesmile - I am stil weighing my options, but trying to do it the healthy way! Thanks for the kind words :)