Colposcopy biopsy results so so scared and worried :( please help

Hi everyone

Please can someone help me or advise me in any way before my mind goes completey mad :frowning: back in September I had my routine smear test where this time the results came back as HPV positive and borderline changes so i was sent for a colposcopy on the 9th of October where the doctor said that from what she can see everything look fine and healthy in my cervix but she took a biopsy to be on the safe side. On Thursday this week 5th November I have had a letter back from the hospital saying colonoscopic impression low grade but punch biopsy result serve changes and that some treatment is necessary and I’m being offered loop excision treatment in 3 weeks time I know I should be quite relieved that something has been picked up then yes it can be treated now before it may get nasty in years to come but I am having horrible thoughts in my head and questions going mad like how comes nothing was found at the colposcopy and I wasn’t offered anything then? Or what is something else is found such as the big C and it’s to late :frowning: I’m so so scared the thoughts are going mad in my head and also I am very scared on what this loop treatment involves and will I have to stay in hospital as I’m a single mum to my three year old daughter and can’t leave her over night we have never been apart and I can’t do that to her now :frowning: it’s bad enough that she keeps asking mummy what’s wrong why are you crying :frowning: i have read a lot of stories on here and there are lots of lovely ladies on here and I just want to give you all a hug. I’m so confused as the letter don’t say anything about cin or dyskaryosis so I really
am Unsure on what the cell changes are and so so scared thinking the worse and going onto google really don’t help :frowning: any help advice or reassurance would be lovely especially any of you who have had the Loop treatment as I do suffer really bad with anxiety and worry and panic about everything :frowning:

Thank you all so much

Traka 303 xxx

Hi Traka 

I had a loop 3 weeks ago and I was in and out in an hour. The loop it's self only took 15 mins. I had some pains for a few days after and bleeding but was able to walk my son to school and back still. 

I would suggest you take someone with you as I was a bit wobbly on my feet after but I think that was just the shock of everything. 

I hope everything goes well. Don't Google anything it only makes you think the worse. I know I've done it. 

Vikky x

Don't worry Traka 303- I panicked when I got my abnormal result (after clear ones to date) having the same thoughts as you- as I think we all do.


Having gone one for the procedure now, I am reassured that treatment (removing any changed cells before they get worse) is so very effective that this is just a preventative measure. When you go for your treatment they will run you through this, explaining that *if* you were likely to develop C (and it is only an if- years and years down the line) then this will eliminate that possibility. 

As for the treatment itself,  I was in there for half an hour - that included the discussion, the exam and the treatment itself (which takes 10 mins). It's uncomfortable but not painful, and if I'd have needed to I could have driven home- though as others have said, it's best to get someone to give you a lift as you may feel dizzy for half an hour or so. 


I made the mistake of googling it all- and scared myself half to death- imagining all kinds of mess up there. Having taken the option of watching my exam on the monitor to see for myself what it all looked like, I was SO relieved. Even though I had moderate to severe dysplasia, the vinegar they used to see the problem area (it all looked normal otherwise) revealed only a teeny patch of cells which were gone before I knew it.

Try not to worry- this is only prevention. If this never happened then we wouldn't need smear tests - so it's doing its job :)