Colposcopy & Biopsy Results - Atypical Glandular Cells

Hi all xx

I had my annual pap smear on October 1st. Two weeks later, the nurse called me to say that it came back abnormal and that I would need to come in for a Colposcopy and biopsy. I was able to go the same day.

Colposcopy wasn’t too bad, although I felt severe cramps while my doctor was trying to take a sample from my uterus.

The next 2 weeks felt like forever while i waited for the results, I was so anxious and nervous. Yesterday I had my follow up appointment - they found Atypical Glandular Cells, not otherwise specified (AGUS) inside the cervix. My doctor was a little concerned because this is not too common, especially in a 24 year old girl.
On the bright side, all of the samples came back negative and benign, and my HPV went away.

I will need to go back for a smear every 4 months because they need to keep a close eye and monitor for any changes. Has anyone else experienced this? Does AGC go away on its own or do they stay there forever?

All love xx

How long did it take for your HPV to go away?  

Just wanted to copy this from my previous answer:


Most follow ups after AGC reveal benign/normal findings. The majority of abnormalities that are found are oddly enough CIN1-3. 

A negative HPV result at the time og your AGC lowers the chance of something being abnormal even more.

My biopsy from the cone after AGC revealed something called TEM-cells, tubendometrioid cells. These are cells that sometimes generate after cervical surgery or biopsies. TEM-cells can cause a "false" positive AGC. There are articles about this.

Hopw you are doing well :)