Colposcopy & Biopsy on Friday...what to expect, could it be Endocervical??

Hi everyone,

I saw my Consultant last night who did a quick internal examination and he noted some bleeding, enlarged cervix and what he thinks is a small polyp in the cervical opening. The actual outside of my cervix looks fine to the naked eye bar the opening which has some bumps and is where the bleeding comes from.

He has booked me in for Colposcopy on Friday morning and said he will be taking a biopsy. That is as much as i know so far.

I've had a colposcopy but i've never had a biopsy, what happens during this? Where do they take it from, is it the outside or the inside or both? Does it hurt!!!

Has anybody else had a normal looking cervix but had something found on the inside??



Hi shantats, 

Its great that you are having it all looked into. I can only speak from my experience of biopsies and say all I felt was a pinch inside. They ask you to cough when they take them (no idea why). I felt the pinch sensation for a maximum of a couple of hours afterwards and that was it.

Hope it all goes well for you & results come back fine :) 

Thanks Sharper,

Looking forward to getting it all over and done with!!