Colposcopy/biopsy/MRI/Ct scan

I'm 24, I had my first smear test two weeks ago, got told the same day I had it that I would need to be referred to the hospital for further testing. 

My results came back for abnormal glandular cells.

A week later I got a call from the hospital asking me to go in for a colposcopy, I didnt think much of it. When I got there he said he needed to take a biopsy, so I would need a local anaesthetic. While he was doing the colposcopy he found a growth/tumour. It wasnt polyps or a cyst. So he gave me the loop diathermy to take a biopsy on it. After it was done he asked me to go back to talk to him, he explained what he had found and said he was worried as I shouldn't have a growth at my age. He said he was really worried and concerned about what he had found, and apologised to me. He then said he has sent my biopsy off as an emergency, and said he has put in an urgent referral for a CT scan and an MRI, and he gave me a blood test the same day. The day after I had my colposcopy and biopsy I had a letter come through for my MRI appointment. So things are moving really quick. 

I'm really worried, especially as I have to have an MRI and ct scan.

My question is, can the DR tell just by looking at the growth/tumour if its cancerous? And if it wasnt cancerous he wouldn't be sending me for an MRI and CT scan would he? 

Everywhere I've looked it says you only have MRI or ct scans when you've been diagnosed with cancer so I'm really confused. 

He said that once he has my results from biopsy and scans he will see me and discuss the treatment plan. 

When I asked him what he thought it could be, he didnt like to answer but started talking about how cervical cancer can be easily treated in this day and age and how they can still preserve my fertility. 

Does it sound like its cervical cancer from what I have said? :-( 

 What's even more scary is that I have symptoms of it. I bleed after sex, extremely heavy periods that have made me anaemic, pain during sex and spotting between periods. 

Sorry to hear you are going through this. It is very scary and a worrying time. I am going through something similar to you. The consultant said he didn’t like the look of it and I have been called back in quickly.its a rollercoaster of emotions isn’t it?  Whatever happens you have got this. I will keep everything crossed for you xx