colposcopy biopsy inadequate for assessment?

Hi all, hope everyone's Ok.

I'm 24 and had my first smear about 6 weeks ago. The following week I received a letter to say I had severe changes and was referred for a colposcopy exactly a week later. No treatment was done at this appointment but two biposies were taken. I was advised 4 weeks for the results which I rechives yesterday. The letter said my results were inadequate for assessment so I rang the hospital for an explanation and they said they will discuss my case at the next team meeting on the 18th and go from there.

Has anyone else had this? Will I need to repeat the biopsies? Do I need to.worry? I've got to wait at least another 3 weeks before I find out anything!


Any advice would be most appreciative 


Thanks for reading ladies :-) 

Heya hun,  mine were kinda the same.  They couldn't tell exactly what was going on so they re sent them to the pathologist.  I'm booked in for lletz on Tuesday under ga (my cervix doesn't like playing ball and tends to try and hide during colposcopies!) So they need to clamp it to hold it in place for the lletz. I'm still unsure exactly what is going on because like you the biopsy didn't give a clear picture.  I know the abnormalities are severe,  I just don't know how severe.  I've been told that even if it is early stage cervical cancer the treatment might still be enough they just might monitor me more.  It's a pain in the arse playing this waiting game all the time.  I hope you get some answers soon hun.  Remember us girls are always around :) xxx


my biopsies were inconclusive too, so I was sent for a lletz under GA. That might have been enough, but as it turned out to be stage 1b I'm having a radical hysterectomy. My case was treated with a lot more urgency than yours though as they already suspected cc. You might find that they decide to do a lletz, then monitor you for a bit.

best wishes, Molly xx

Hey mollz,  what's it like having lletz under ga? I've got mine Tues and a little bit anxious xx

Afternoon ladies!!

Thankyou both for replying. I've never posted before and felt I needed to ask as I searched the forums and couldn't find any similar posts!!

See with my smear results it said they were severe but the nurse who performed the colposcopy said she wasn't sure whether they were mild or severe so that's why they sent for biopsies. I just can't understand why they are waiting till the 18th to discuss it! It's the not knowing that's the worse part, but this website is by far the best I've come across for information. 

Glad to hear you two are having treatment!! If I do have lletz I hope it's under ga as the colposcopy for me was so painful and I suffered back ache for almost 2 weeks. It's helpful to know there's lots of women out there in the same predicament.

Hope everything turns out Ok for you bother.

Best wishes

Louise x

Im having mine on tues could u tell me how urs was hun plz im so scared 

Hey lesley34


Mine was absolutely fine. I had it under ga and I swear it was the best sleep I've had in yonks!


How are you feeling? Xxx

I feel like im got gonna wake up