Colposcopy Biopsy every 6 months

I am a concerned newbie.. 

Approx 7 years ago I was treated for a grade 3 abonormal cells by Loop Excision.  Ever since I have been going regular for smear tests.  Approx 20 months ago the smear test came back abnormal (again).  Because of this, I had to go for another colposcopy where they took 3 tissue samples.  I had to repeat this again December 2013.  They results were a grade 1 abnormal cells.  Now, I have to undergo this pain every 6 months. I am still waiting for the results for my latest biopsy last week.  

My question is, why wont they just treat it again..surely it would be much more easier than putting me through this every 6 months?

Also, when I had the loop excision 7 years ago, they said that it was very unlikely for it to return?

Im also worried that i have cysts on my ovaries because I have been experiecing pains in my hip and lower back for years.  My hips are very sore when I move around a lot eg. walk all day.


Thanks for listening 

Hi there

Just out of interest, are your abnormal cells CIN or CGIN? 

S x

Hey, I think the reason they haven't given you the treatment again is due to it only being low grade, they know it's safe to wait and watch it. Your cervix is only a certain length,

so they won't want to remove any of it when they don't need to. Must ladies can only have a lletz / loop 3 times due to there only being a short amount of cervix. So even tho it's a pain you having to go back 6 monthly it's for your own sake. I also have Polycystic ovaries, I don't have the syndrome (excessive hair, irregular periods etc) I just have enlarged ovaries both full of cysts, this is very painful so mention it to your gp or ur gynae cxx