Colposcopy, Biopsy and LLETZ all in one?

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I am new to this forum and just wanted to know if anybody else had had all three in the same appointment/same time?

I have searched on here and on the net but it seems most people don't have everything done all at once? 

I am 28, my first smear at 25 was normal, my second which was a few weeks back, came back abnormal and I was asked to go the hospital for a colposcopy.  As I was about to go on holiday a few days later, they said you can't fly after the procedure and asked me to come in the day after I got back.  I went for my hospital appointment yesterday and had a colposcopy, biopsy and the LLETZ treatment all at the same time.

I was really nervous about the procedure, but it was fine.  The whole thing took maybe 15 minutes.  The consutlant was quite brisk, quick and to the point.  She first clamped me open (much like a smear), then after looking at my cervix for a couple of minutes, she gave me a series of anaesthetic needles in my cervix (the same type used to numb gums during dental treatments).  These hurt and were a bit uncomfortable - not intolerable, but not nice either but luckily the pain of them only lasted maybe a minute all in all.  After that I was numb and didn't feel another thing.  She then cut a piece of my cervix out for the biopsy, which she showed me and was about the size of a £2 coin.  After that she carried out the loop excision and the smell of burning (or beef monster munch as the nurses said it smelt like) could be smelt as she burnt off the abnormal cells. 

I was then told I would receive a call about the results of the biopsy in 2-4 weeks but, should everything be fine and the results negative, then all I had to do was go back in 6 months for another smear to ensure the cells that have regrown over the "chunk" she removed for the biopsy were all normal and healthy.  Obviously, if the results of the bopisy showed anything bad, thwey would see me straight away to discuss treatments etc.

The consutlant told me that a smar can "flag up" any signs of cervical cancer and there's usually a note or red flag on a smar result if cancer is actually suspected/likly.  She said my smear didn't have anything flagged up so there was nothing to make her think there was anything to worry about and it was likely my results would come back okay.

I was then told to rest for a day or two, refrain from exercise, swimming, baths or heavy lifting for 7-10 days and refrain from tampon use, flights and sex for 4-6 weeks (which is cutting it fine as I am due to fly abroad again in 6 weeks!)

I have taken the day off work today (day after) because i'm a bit tender "down there".  It's a wierd feeling - it feels as though it's stingy/raw - the same feeling you get when you are waxed or you rip off a plaster from a hairy area - but it feels inside me.  It also burns when I wee - but not on the vagina like cystitis - it burns inside my lower abdomen.  I had bleeding and bad period-pain like cramps yesterday and this morning but these have eased off today. 

I just wondered firstly, whether anyone else had had all three done in the one appointment - is this normal?  From what I've found online, most people seem to go back for loop excision after the first colposcopy/biopsy so I'm just wondering whether it's wierd that she did all three in one go for me? Secondly, has anyone had the loop excision and biopsy and then received bad results - am i wrong to assume that because she carried out the loop excision to remove the bad cells there and then, that was all the treatment needed?  Or is it a possibility there could still be something wrong anyway - hence the biopsy?  I'm a bit confused?

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I've not had mine done yet,couple weeks away but I was told I would likely have it all done at the same time. 

I think it depends on several things.. The smear results..The amount of cervix to be removed, if a lot they will do under general. Also the hospital. 

Look at it this's done! Hopefully no going back for more procedures.

My understanding is in most cases the lletz procedure removes the cells, the biopsy then confirms if pre cancerous or if cancer cells, most of the time it is precancerous and it confirms all the bad bits are gone.

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Hi i had my treatment last thursday i had colposcopy and lletz in one go. She said the cells that were removed by lletz would be tested so no need for extra biopsy. I did not find the treatment that bad except the injections. I have been suffering with cramps and back pain since saturday, i am hoping the symptoms will ease with in the next few days. Good luck

i am going

 on tuesday and been told by my gp to expext all done at once

maybe like other lady said diffferent hospitals

not good at laptops cos 1 finger person lol. so short and sweet but so please to no others going through same as me

so scary i have high grade (severe)