Colposcopy + Biopsy after effects

Hi all,
I am new to this forum. Sorry for the long post to follow!

1 week ago I received pap results that I had HPV as well as abnormal cells, and needed to come in urgently for colposcopy and biopsy.
I had the procedure done this past Wednesday.
The doctor also mentioned that my HPV is type 16 and 18, HGSIL, and there were 3 spots that he biopsied. I will return to him this coming week for results.

However, It is day 2 after the procedure and I have a thick mucus type discharge with a horrible smell. The mucus discharge is clear and yellow, and brown/black clumps

I know there can be bleeding and dark blood associated with the colposcopy, however this did not look like blood at all, and the consistency did not look like blood.

I have called my doctors office and am waiting for a return call, however in the mean time I am freaking out.

Has anyone experienced this before???


I haven't experienced this but some wierd things come away after these procedures, I lost several like hazelnut size brown blobs and clots and blood, sorry its gross I know, I had my llets and now I'm loosing like skIn and ash like crumbly bits and pink water. Urrgh it's all so complicated knowing what's normal and what's not, it's good your going to see the dr as I was told if it smells horrible and not like a period go see my dr for antibiotics it may be a infection. The loss I had after colp to was round and firm not like a blood clot and apparently it's the paste they use to stop the bleeding. hope you get sorted xxx

Hi there,

i never experienced anything like that after lletz procedure - however- i know from reading on here and research elsewhere that there can be a lot of brown /black stuff coming away from the cervix as part of the healing process - from where they have burnt the cells away. 

So I wouldn't be too alarmed - they say to only be concerned if you're bleeding the to the point where you are soaking a pad through every hour and if you're feeling unwell in yourself - feverish - sickness etc.

be lucky 

love and light 


8th June 16- moderate dysk smear result 

24th june 16- colposcopy and 2x punch biopsies 

13th July 16- biopsies state CIN 1/2

9th aug 16 - lletz procedure

20 sept 16- results - removal of CIN 1 - follow up smear in 6 months! 

Thank you all for the reassurance. ♥