Colposcopy appointment delay

I have had a letter to say I still have HPV after my smear last year (which is when it was positive) and now (smear was last week) they’ve followed up to say I have abnormal cervical cells (borderline changes)

I got a link to book an appointment and it’s not till 20th April. In others experience is this OK or should I be worried and look at private options?

Hi @Animalprintqueen

Borderline changes arnt a cause for alarm, my first abnormal smear was a borderline result… all this means is that the sampled cells look ever so slightly different but they arnt enough to be a mild/low grade chanemge or a dyskaryosis… borderline and low grade changes arnt always caused by HPV despite an active infection, our cells change harmlessly on a regular basis sometimes making our cells look different on a smear… the colposcopy is more as a precautionary measure than a worry, as all abnormal smears nomatter the grade gets a further investigations they just want to confirm that they have been caused by the virus then monitor accordingly

Smears can come in many different ways when abnormalities have been seen, to name a few:
Borderline change - tini tiniest change but still look normal
Low grade - theres a definate change but its mild
Moderate - theyre abnormal but not greatly abnormal
Severe - they look significantly different to normal but they dont suspect malignancy
Severe (?invasion) - this means the cells are so severe they cant rule out an invasion so they need to be vigilant … or in some cases there is ASCUS (atypical squamous cells of undetermined signifance) - this means they didnt know what they were looking at they just know the cells arnt normal

I dont think theres a need to look at private options, if a smear picks up any changes… obviously we dont want any lol but borderline change is the change we hope for lol xx


Thank you for the detailed response I really appreciate it!

I think I’m worried because I’ve had abnormal bleeding for a few months. I thought it was because I’m starting perimenapause and my periods are all over the shop, but now this has happened I’ve started to worry. Coupled with stomach pains and regular lower back pain. My mind has gone to worst case scenario!

Me again so I’m bleeding again for the second time in 2 weeks, I’ve had back pain in and off all week and now period cramps.

I’ve opted to go private and I’m being seen on 20th Feb instead of 20th April as I can’t wait that long I will go out of my mind with worry!

its good that you will be seen sooner, get that peace of mind :slight_smile: the waiting is the worst part of it all its just unfortunate that youve had to go private

have you spoken to your GP about the symptoms your experiencing? usually they are explained by something unrelated, despite what we convince ourselves of ive been in that boat myself lol xx

Called the GP this morning they will call me back this afternoon to discuss and I will take it from there. So many of the symptoms I’ve had I just put down to being perimenopausal so prob best to get it all written down and talk to a professional xx

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Ive contacted the hospital today as received my letter 14th December last year indicating my second smear showed i am HPV postive with borderline changes.
The hospital informed me there is a 30 week waiting list and 900 ladies on it !

She said my referral wasnt seen as urgent as i only have borderline changes.

Eek that’s a scary timeline!

Hello Ladies

May I ask what area are you from with such a long waiting time?

When I got my smear test it never said that I have any cell changes. Just a note that HPV still there so I was really shocked when at colposcopy appointment I have been told that they have my results with hight count of bad cells.
Waiting for my biopsy results. Been 4 weeks now and on 10th of February they will review my results. God knows what that means.

I am in Devon and my earliest appointment is 20th April so not as long as the worst and I have no idea what “normal” wait time would be?

Thank you for your reply.
Already been waiting nearly 8 weeks so hope they take that into account !

My GP just called and really helped put my mind at ease. I have a lot going on that could be causing my symptoms so she’s told me to focus on one thing at a time. I’m going to have the colposcopy and take it from there. I also need an ultra sound as they want to figure out where my coil string is (nurse couldn’t find it during smear test) I’m going to try and calm down and be patient. (Easier said than done)


I am from west yorkshire…30 week wait for a colposcopy

Hi, this does seem to be a long time frame. One of my symptoms (even though I’d supposedly had a positive smear result following a clear colopscopy the year previously) was lower back pain stomach pain and I’m now having to have treatment for cervical cancer so although I’m sure all is fine if you can push for further tests I’d see if you can. I only say this because I was fobbed off for so long and quite cross that this could have been picked up so much sooner.

Thank you the back pain is on and off but I’m not prepared to wait so I’m going to go private to get the peace of mind, if I’m fine then great and if I’m not at least I will know and can start working out a path to getting better! I love the NHS and owe them everything as my son had leukaemia and only rang the bell a year ago but the government is hell bent on picking it apart until we all agree to privatise it! It’s heartbreaking!

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And I’m sorry to hear about your diagnosis and wish you all the best with your treatment! Xx

Hi ladies

I also owe the NHS a great deal as they were awesome when my little boy was diagnosed with meningitis. They were again incredibly supportive when the disease re appeared again 7 months later and killed him within seconds.

I am 63 years old, i have many health issues including diabetes and pernicious anaemia and am grateful for the care and support given.

Whilst i appreciate the struggles facing our incredibly hard working NHS, i was somewhat stunned to be told there is a 30 week waiting list for a colposcopy appointment.

I have already been waiting 8 weeks…i feel that the stress of this doesn’t help!

Nuffield has come back with the right consultant and they’re keeping the same date 20th Feb and will do the colposcopy at the same time as the consultation.

Hiya, would you mind telling me how much it is for the consultation and colposcopy. I had borderline changes and a colonoscopy in November. No treatment was needed they said, but they don’t want to see me again for 3 years. I don’t want to wait that long in case it gets worse, so will have to go private. I’m just wanting to know how much this will cost me so I’m prepared for it. Hope you don’t mind me asking.

Looking on Google it starts from about £630 inc consultation. I’m not paying for mine myself I’m under heath insurance through work. I think you can call any private clinic and ask for a quote I’m going to Nuffield.