Colposcopy and vaginal atrophy

Hi there, 

I have a colposcopy scheduled for this Thursday, due to me being unable to have a smear test (2 attempts) due to vaginal atrophy (so sore I cried - could insert but couldn't open the speculum at all) I finished radiation treatment in January for hormone reactive breast cancer and came off my pills for a fortnight and used an oestrogen pessary for the two weeks after the first attempt, but it made no difference at all, and second smear still couldn't be done. 

Has anyone experience of a colopscopy with vaginal atrophy? I understand what they will be doing, but can't see how it is any different to a smear test? 

Would appreciate any thoughts. 

Many thanks for your help



Sorry, just a tad more info. I'm now 51. Had same issue and gynae consult after last smear test, 5 years ago. At that time had wand ultrasound and diagnosis of vaginal atrophy. Used the HRT pessary for two weeks and was able to successfully take smear test after that, results of which were all good. 

I guess over the last 5 years, the atrophy has got worse. Absolutely no improvement with the HRT pessaries this time (and I was told to double up! - Had to ok from onlocolgist)