Colposcopy and smear results

hi guys


a few weeks ago I had a 12 month check at the hospital after having low grade cells on vaginal wall and cervix. they used the 'watch and wait' and thus three weeks ago I returned for a colposocpy and smear. The nurse at the time said she couldn't find any abnormal cells therefore no biopsies were taken and she could see some hpv on my cervix and one part of vaginal wall. 


Today my my smear result came back as.......INADEQUATE! Annoyed and upset and a multitude of emotions are running through me and I do nkt know what to thInk. Another appointment has been set for April (which is three months) - too long I think!? Surely they could do it sooner? No other information has been given to me - I do not know what I should be thinking? Should I wait three months for hospital? Or try and get a smear at the Drs? Why is it in three months? How concerned should I really be? 



Hi Sunshine,

In your shoes I really wouldn't be concerned at all. I'd just wait until April and repeat the process.

Be lucky



After an inadequate result, they have to wait 3 months to give them more chance of an adequate result next time round. I was told they have to wait for more cells to be produced as they will have been removed the first time around.

I had the same last year. I had my colposcopy and nothing showed, but my smear came back inadequate. I had my retest 3 months later and the results came back clear.

If the colposcopy didn't show anything I would try not to worry too much as it's more accurate than a smear anyway as the solution will have been put on the whole cervix.

I know it seems forever but try and take comfort in the fact they couldn't see anything at the colposcopy.

Good Luck x