Colposcopy and Punch Biopsy - what's normal afterwards?

After three low grade/borderline smears I was referred for a Colposcopy on Monday. The doctor said he thinks it's CIN 1 and they will just monitor it, but he took a couple of punch biopsies which have been sent off for testing.

I asked about exercise afterwards as I regularly rock climb, and was next due to go climbing on Weds evening. He said he thought that would be fine.

For the first couple of days I experienced very little side effects (a tiny bit of spotting afterwards and no cramps)

However climbing on Weds evening brought on some quite painful cramps and I then started bleeding afterwards. I'm not bleeding a lot, but it's now Saturday and it still hasn't entirely stopped and I'm still getting some cramping although it's now much milder.

I haven't gone back to climbing (even though I train regularly, hate skipping climbing sessions and really want to get back to it) because I'm worried I might cause further problems. 

It's really hard to know what to do now, because I don't know if still bleeding and cramping almost a week later after punch biopsies is normal and I'm also desperate to start back climbing but don't know when it's ok to do that.