Colposcopy and previous smear results

Hi, I am waiting for my first colposcopy after being told I am hpv positive and have low grade abnormal
Cells. It has stirred up all sorts of worries in my head due to my current relationship and not know
When it happened. Around 9-10 years ago I had abnormal
Cells and was then asked to
Return for a repeat smear in 6 months. The results said that I had candida. Smears
Since then have been clear until this most recent one. When I go to my colposcopy my husband will be coming with me. Do they discuss previous smears even if I had an abnormal one around 9-10 years ago and then they’ve been normal since? I contacted my previous gp
Surgeries yesterday regarding this asking for my results, that’s when I saw the repeat one and had completely forgotten about the repeat smear