Colposcopy and oncology referral?

Hiya everyone,

sorry if this seems a silly question but I had a bit of a shock today.

my gynaecologist on Wednesday 17th said she was referring me for a colposcopy & I spoke to a lovely lady on the helpline about my anxiety for it. Yesterday, Saturday, I got a letter calling me in to the gynaecological oncology clinic on the ward in hospital, for New Years Eve.

are all colposcopies carried out by the womens cancer clinic? nothing else was in the letter, no information about the procedure that i was expecting to receive. Just that I'd been referred to see oncology. Trying not to read much into it but it's making me worry a bit. im sort of willing my symptoms to go away so if can forget this is all happening!


Hi Chelsea,

I'm sure you are correct that all colposcopies are carried out by Gynae-oncology teams and that the use of the word 'oncology' does not mean that you have already been diagnosed with cancer without anybody telling you. It would be a total watse of resources wouldn't it if there were gynae teams that didn't handle cancer and others which did. Here they are all lumped together with obstetrics so hysterectomies happen alongside childbirth.

Hope that helps a little


Hi hon,

as Tivoli says, don't read anything into it. Even smear tests are part of the cancer screening programme, so I imagine lots of colposcopies take place in gynae-onc centres.


Molly xxx

Thank you for replying :) I rang up the ward & someone explained it all to me so you were right! I've got the stupid bloody discharge again & bled a fair bit after sex (way to throw cold water over the situation!) so hopefully that won't affect what they see on Wednesday xx

Good luck for tomorrow Chelsea, keeping my fingers crossed for you :-)

Be lucky