Colposcopy and now gynae oncology

Colposcopy and now gynae oncology 

Long story ?

so in 2019 I went for my smear on time, 2 weeks later got my result Severe dysclarosis went to colp had my lletz and it was CIN 3 clear margins and was invited back in 6 months for a follow up smear, had that it was clear had a smear 12 months later in oct 2020 and it was clear but when the nurse did the smear she really hurt me and made me bleed, from that point on I had bleeding after intercourse pain and some other symptoms went back to the gp in jan as something didn't feel right he looked and said it didn't look right ?and was doing 2 weeks cancer referral, went to see gynae oncologist he looked agreed it looked agitated, referred me to colp for biopsies and possible removal of ectropion if that's what they agreed it was, went to colp she removed ectropion took 4 biopsies as she felt the cin had returned on a code 7 whatever that means and sent me on my way told me biopsies would take 6 weeks gynae oncologist also sent me for an ultrasound as precaution sat and waited pretty patient rang oncologist secretary for scan results and she told me they would write to me with results but wanted to wait till biopsies were done but would write to me sooner to reassure and today I've received an appointment to see the gynae oncologist abs I'm trying to not worry but I am why would he want to see me if everything's fine they didn't do this last time they just sent results in the post has anyone had this happen? Bad or good I'd rather be prepared for bad news it that's what it's gonna be I've had my head in the clouds a little as I had the lletz and just presumed everything would be the same abs fixable please help 

Hi Sam, 


Really sorry you're having to go through this. 


I know obe of the other ladies on the forum has been invited to an appointment and she panicked, managed to get hold of the consultant by email, and he confirmed it was a routine appointment and nothing to worry about. 


If only they said that on their letters in the first place, hey? 


I really hope you're okay. All I can suggest is keeping yourself as busy as possible and don't be afraid to give them a call when they're back open tomorrow to ask for more information xx



thank you for your reply my appointment is this Friday I have received my biopsy results which were inadequate for assessment but the letter says I won't be recalled for another smear for 3 years but I can't made head nor tails of it any idea what inadequate for assessment means thanks