Colposcopy and mdt

I’ve looked to see if this has been posted but couldn’t find an answer. Wondered if anyone had some advice.
I had treatment for cin3 in December (lletz and cone biopsy).
I then received a letter approx 6 weeks later saying I had successful treatment for cin3 and had been discharged from the colposcopy unit for a repeat smear in 6 months at my gps.
I’ve now received another letter saying after I have been discussed at the mdt meeting, they would like me to come back for a repeat smear and colposcopy at the hospital where I had treatment instead of at my gps.
Any ideas why they’ve changed their mind?


Not sure why they have changed their mind hun. But I haven't finished my treatment yet and they said I will definitely be having my six month colposcopy at the clinic and not GP so doesn't sound uncommon. 

I think this is normal procedure and they will just keep an eye on you closer than your local GP would x