Colposcopy and LLETZ


Ok, so I have never posted in a forum before, but thought it might be nice to share my not so terrible experience with you all!

I am 26 years old and recently went for my Pap Smear test on the 25th March 2014. I have had about 3 smears which all came back normal.

I received my smear results almost a week later, and they came back with grade 2 (mid) changes (which are in the high category). My nurse said that it is usually a precaution to send people with low grade changes to Colposcopy, but given mine were mid changes it was advised.

I am currently living in NZ, and was planning to move to the UK on the 22 April, so as you can imagine that this news was pretty devastating! I stressed and worried so much after hearing I had mid grade changes. As I wanted to speed up the process, in the hope that I wouldn’t have to delay my trip I decided to get my Colposcopy appoint through private healthcare. This evidentially cost me around $600 NZ dollars, but was much better than waiting for Public healthcare (who later sent me an appointment letter for the 8th May!!).

I had my Coloposcopy appointment on the 9th April, only a few days after I received my smear results. The Colposcopist took a biopsy which didn’t hurt at all, and for me the whole event felt the same as a smear. At the time the Colposcopist said from what he could see my changes were low, but asked that I come back the following week to discuss the results. As you can imagine I was pretty happy! This could potentially mean I could continue with my trip!

So when I returned to the Colposcopy clinic on the 21st April 2014 I received my biopsy results, which identified that I actually had high grade changes. Felt like an emotional roller coaster ride at this point! The Colposcopist informed me that I would need the LLETZ treatment, and that he could treat my changes before leaving, however this would cost around $2600 NZ Dollars. I decided that this wasn’t really an option for me, so asked that I be returned to public healthcare…..

So turns out I do need to change my trip, It’s only been a couple of days, and I haven’t received my appointment time for the LLETZ treatment yet, however am expected to be seen within 4-5 weeks. The nurse at the hospital advised me that I am not meant to travel for another 10 days following the treatment due to the risk of infection (which the Colposcopist didn’t mention!).  

So I’m not too worried about the LLETZ treatment, my friend has also had this treatment and said it’s not painful, just a bit uncomfortable.  I more or less just want to get it done! The most painful part of this experience was actually waiting for the Colposcopy appointment. This would have been even worse if I didn’t get this done private as I would have had to wait an additional month. I will make sure I update you all after the LLETZ treatment! Hopefully it all goes well!

Best wishes to you x