colposcopy and lletz today

Hi ladies as some of you know had a high grade dyskaryosis letter few weeks ago and was booked in for colposcopy 23rd but luckily there was cancellation today and I managed to have it done. .im glad to say shes pretty certain no cancerous cells and the area of abnormal cells was only small and has been removed fully..she also thinks it cin 2/3.the treatment itself was fine no real pain just a little where she burnt abit of me that was not numbed and the anesthetic stuff made my heart race like mad which was very normal she said. .biopsy should be bk in 3 weeks but she only expects to see cin 2/3 then back in 6 months xx

Good to hear i hope you get results soon. So they think cin 2/3 for you? This makes me think mine will be the same as mine was high grade. My biopsy was wrong as it came back Cin1 so I'm waiting to see what it really was. Hope you have good Xmas. 

Told ya you'd be fine :) x

Haha yes u did :) u just see  those words...unlikely to be cancer...and think oh so theres a cchance ...its not a no this is not so glad thats done for 6 months n fingers crossed biopsy comes bk at what she thinks will be ...x