Colposcopy and LLETZ today

So today I went for my colposcopy, both my consultant and 2 nurses were fantastic.

I chose to look at the screen during the first part of the procedure, it's quite amazing in a weird way to be able to see everything. They showed me the abnormal cells which showed up white after he had sprayed something on them. I asked for a comparison in terms of area and he said the area was as big as my ring finger nail. 

He then said he wanted to do LLETZ and I said I was happy for it to be done there and then. The aneastatic did hurt but the procedure was over quite quickly. Must admit I am now feeling sore and achey.

So the cells have gone for testing and he said 3-4 weeks for results. 

I have a question though that he didn't answer as such. IF there was cancer there would the consultant be able to tell there and then?

On a different note, I do feel completly invaded and violated is maybe the wrong word but I just don't feel right about my vagina....does that make sense?

It makes perfect sense I think you was so brave to have it there and then I had this done under ga but in a way I wish they gave me option to have done there n then as less time waiting I can't answers if they can see then n there but from reading on the forum seems people that have got cc there results come back very quick like within a week so longer you wait Im guessing longer you wait the better 

again id like to take my hat of to you plus I'm guessing the fact they could do it there and then means it was a small part tho im only guessing that I had to wait 2 months for my op from the colp to the op so I guess you have saved alot of time hope all comes good for you Hun xxx

Thanks for the reply Dizzyrus, I wouldn't call myself brave but thank you. I just wanted it over and done with because quite honestly I'd got myself that worked up I don't know if I'd have gone back.

I did ask about the area, he said the area of cells is irrelvent and that he's seen big areas be ok and smaller areas not and then vice versa.

Just hope it all comes through quickly x

Me to Hun I still think you are brave I know what you mean about going in again I so wanted to run out of the hospital while waiting to go down hope all goes well for you Hun pls let me know hugs xxx

Well, 4 days since LLETZ and this may be too much info but the amount of blood I'm losing is crazy and blood clots too. I don't know what is normal though....I'm meant to be back at work next week but I can't be rushing back and forth to the toilet every 2 minutes. I am going through pads like no bodies business.