Colposcopy and lletz- not as bad as I thought!

Hi everyone, I just wanted to post with my experience as I have read a lot of comments

whilst I was going through mental torment! So aged 31 had only my second smear (bad I know) and

results came back with high grade dyskaryosis. Absolute horror and panick when I got this was hoping it wasn't severe

but didnt know Exactly, got a letter for colposcopy for 10 days later, worst 10 days of my life waiting and just 

thinking the worst. The colposcopy was fine I had lletz treatment then as she could see the cells and that was 

also fine, uncomfortable but not painful and I had 4 injections which were not that bad. Got my letter through

With biopsy results today 3 weeks after treatment and everything is fine.  The worrying is by far the worst 

part of all of this I didn't eat properly for 10 days waiting for colposcopy and it was nowhere near as bad as

I thought. I have had a small amount of bleeding but no pain so guess I'm pretty lucky with that. I would say

to those waiting on biopsy results if it's closing up on 3/4 weeks it is probably unlikely to be bad news! Try not to