Colposcopy and IUD


I'm 25 years old and went for my first ever cervical smear which has come back abnormal it doesn't say what abnormalties just that i'm invited to a colpscopy. 

What are the chances of them actually doing treatment and having to remove my IUD


Hi Laura

I believe it depends on what they find when the have a look at you with the microscope, I had a letter stating boderline changes at my colp apt I had three hole punch biopsy's taken but nothing else.


Hi Faye

What is frustrating me is that my letter said I had a abnormal result but it does state what the result is. I'm not sure if this is just different for Wales. Do you usually attend a 6 month smear after this? 

My smear came back just saying "abnormal results" nothing specified but I had already had my colposcopy as I was referred due to visual abnormalities so I think it just depends on the hospital/GP clinic that templates the letters. Frustrating yes, But you should be able to make an appointment with your gp to discuss the results if the colposcopy isn't going to be for awhile.

Treatment or biopsies may be taken on the day depending on what they see. I don't know about the IUD though I'm afraid. 

Thank you

I've heard different things from leaflets I've read one says if I have to have a LETTZ they will just go around the IUD other have said it will need to be removed so conflicting evidence, it hurt so much going in I couldn't bare it if they had to remove it.

I'm hoping that they check and everything is fine and I can go back to 3 yearly smears ( in an ideal world! ) but I am also prepared to have biopsies and treatment there if needed. I'm assuming if I have treatment I will repeat a smear after 6 months. As I am joining the military this is holding up my medical as i'm currently temporarialy unfit for practice until I get a negative smear so was wondering if I self funded a smear how quick I could have this done after treatment

As far as I know they try their best to go round it and only remove it if they really have to.

I had the mirina put in at the end of July and they only took the smear because the doctor could see something wasn't right with my cervix. They found I've got CIN 1,2 and 3 and that like 90% of my cervix is covered. 

I feel like I own my lovely little coil a lot and I'd be gutted if they removed it! Haha

I had my first invite for a smear and had it done the same time as having the coil fitted I thought have it all done in one go haha

Just typical isn't it!? Doing the right thing and having an uncomfortable woman's proceedure and ending up having to have masses more unformfortable women's procedures!

Update - had my LLETZ under a general this morning. They couldn't even find my IUD so now I'm booked in for a transvaginal ultrasound in 6 weeks. I'm feeling a lot less charitable towards the thing now - aI wonder where the sodding thing has got to!

That's strange can you feel the strings for it? I'm having a lot of spotting recently but I took period delay pills so I think they have messed my cycle up a bit! 

"My lovely little coil" - I love this phrase! I'm very attached to mine (on my 2nd, and due for my 3rd  in Nov). My colposcopy appointment is on Monday so I'll see what that brings. 

An update: 

I had my colopscopy today. My results were low changes but I tested positive for HPV. At first they wanted to take a look and were fairly positive I wouldn't need a biopsy and be put back on 3 year smears. Once I had the solution on a large area showed up and I needed a biopsy which was not pleasant! I now play the waiting game

Welcome to the waiting game Laura ;)

It's worth giving your clinic a call in 2 weeks to see if they have your results then. Lots of ladies (including myself) have found that they have the results but it takes them extra time posting them out. I phoned on the colposcopy clinic day (Wednesday for my hospital) so I got to talk to a nurse who was able to tell me the results over the phone.

The doctor said that I probably won't need more treatment  and be put on 1 year smears. Then again to start she said I probably wouldn't need a biopsy! 

I wish they told me when they were doing the biopsy the poor woman almost got kicked in the face as I wasn't expecting it! I have lots of cramping now :( also they said it wouldn't hurt! It did! If they had said it would have been a sharp pain I would have expected it more lol 

That's not on that they didn't tell you that they were taking a biopsy - mine didn't hurt it just did sting a bit, but I bet it would have hurt if I didn't know what was about to happen.

I actually hurt more post biopsy than I did post LLETZ though.  It's not pleasant for a few days afterwards but it shouldn't last for too long. I think the emotional impact is something that is really skirted over by doctors too. Look after yourself xxx

They said they were going to do a biopsy but didn't tell me  when they were about to do it like a countdown. They looked angry with me for twitching! It was quite a big sample too they said they took a bigger sample as it removed most the area. I'm ok now but I was in a lot of pain for a few hours afterwards. 

I had the coil and that hurt so much more than having that put in. I hope I don't need more treatment