Colposcopy and Hysteroscopy

Hi all,

On Tuesday I went to the hospital and as I did'nt receive a letter saying what the appointment was for I did'nt know what to expect.

I saw a really nice consultant who try to put my mind at ease and I also had 2 student doctors in the room too. The consultant said he was going to do a Colposcopy and take a biopsy too. I was then told that I should hear within 10 days the results of the biopsy which is fine.

Today I received a copy of a letter which the consultant has sent to the doctor stating that he had seen me and a colposcopy was done and then it states that he did a hysteroscopy too. I wondered why it was so painful and I really suffered afterwards with cramping.

I am a little annoyed though as the consultant did'nt inform me that he was doing or had done this and I wonder whether this had happened to anyone else?

I know things have to be done but it would be nice to be informed.

Sorry to moan.



Hi Kerry...IMHO, I think he should have told you, that way you could have understood why it was so painful. I have no idea what a hysteroscopy is, so if that was me I'd have wanted to know what it was, why he was doing it, if there are any associated risks etc. You're right, it is good to be informed. I know when I got my initial colpo results & they mentioned cgin I was panicking because the leaflets they'd given me didn't explain what this was, only cin. And during my 2nd colpo it felt a different experience to my 1st, yet when I mentioned it to the consultant he said it was the same procedure as before....when I rang their dept 5 wks later to chase the results the receptionist told me they'd taken a deeper sample. At least that now made sense but he could have just told me on the day then I would have understood. Good information is all we ask, right? I hope you get your results soon and that everything goes well for you.

Thanks for replying............I'm under the same opinion as you. All I wanted to know was what he was doing and why really so was a real shock when I found that he had done another procedure too.

I had to google it and it came up in NHS Choices and it says that it looks into the womb and a biopsy can be taken from there too. There are associated risks and thats why I feel a little let down that I was'nt told first.

I thought that maybe I was over reacting Wink

I hope your colposcopy goes well under a general.