Colposcopy and HPV

Hi ladies ,

Just wanted to share my follow up story, maybe just to reassure people that there are good outcomes to all this and because this site has been of great help to me.Today I went for a colposcopy, six months after LLETZ and after being informed that although my cells are normal, I still have HPV infection present . Saw the same lovely doctor I had before.After applying the solutions, she reassured me that everything is fine and healthy and i have been discharged back to three yearly smears. Have been concerned about the HPV and asked for her advice. She tells me that once someone has HPV it is always present in the body . And there is nothing that can be done to get rid of it, as I thought there was . It just lays dormant therefore it's important to go for regular smears . It seems a bit of a confusing subject, and I hope this helps someone out there at least.Wishing you all well x

Thank you for this! :) it's comforting to know that having high risk strains of hpv doesn't necessarily mean there's a problem, just need to keep an eye on it.

Hi rosa ,

Glad this helped . I have had this on my mind for nearly a year now, and have always worried about it. The registrar was very matter of fact about it, it was very much look this is what you have, this is what's happened, now you are ok and everything is fine so enjoy life and not worry. It will always be on my mind, but she couldn't stress enough the importance of regular smears . Today I feel a lot better and am trying to relax now. I hope everything is well with you x