Colposcopy and HPV


I had a smear a couple of weeks ago and the results came back as slightly abnormal. I was given an appointment for in a week's time for a colposcopy. I then received another letter saying that there had been 'evidence' found in my smear of HPV.

About 18 years ago I contracted genital warts (gross) and it took a year of hospital visits to have them burned off. They then seemed to disappear on their own and I have had clear smears ever since. I have no visible signs that I have them back but I am scared to death that I might have them again.

I am in a relationship (my first one) after my separation and divorce three years ago, and my boyfriend told me a few weeks ago that his ex wife had genital warts. Could he have infected me? I have read up on HPV in men and it seems there is no test or treatment for them, so what if he is a carrier and he keeps infecting me? Is that how it works?

Could the smear have picked up on the fact that I had them years ago and that is what the 'evidence' is?

I am worried to death that I might have this again, and am also worried to death about my boyfriend. I have told him about the letter and what it could mean, and he got defensive and accused me of assuming it was him of giving it to me.

I have also moved house recently and relocated to the other end of the country with my four children, a stressful time. Could this play any factor?

I'm worried sick. If anyone has any advice I'd be grateful.


Hi, sorry you've had an abnormal smear. It's worrying and frustrating but you've been seen for colposcopy fairly quickly - which is great - I had to wait months! There are over 100 types of HPV out there and only about 15 are known to cause cancer and precancerous lesions... the types of HPV that cause  warts are a different and are not pretty but are harmless.The vast majority of precancers do not lead to cancer - I read that for CIN 1 less than 1 in 30 will after  many years lead to cervical cancer but there's still a chance so it needs to be looked at.


Its a good sign you kicked the genital hpv in the butt as it suggests your immune system is strong enough to do it again.


all the best xxx