Colposcopy, and cone biopsy

In June 2016 I went to the Dr for weird vaginal discharge, and abdominal pain that would come and go and would stop me in dead track, and I had abnormal smear, then had to schedule the colp, so it came back with the pre cancer cells so in July 2016 I had the cone biopsy done and my Dr said he got all the pre cancer cells and he said they where very bad. Thank God he got it. But my main concern is my 6 month fallow up in January 2017 my pap smear came back abnormal again and so once again he did another colposcopy with a biopsy and it came back good. But I was starting to get the symptoms again so I made an appointment in June 2017 he said I may have endometriosris, well he did the ultra sound and there was nothing. I dont have the symptoms of endomitrosis. That was it of that. He didnt do another Pap smear either. So here it is September 2017 and I feel worse. Back pain, still have pelvic pain, weird vaginal discharge, fatigue (but that could be just from working to much) and now leg pain. I have researched and lots of reading. Is this normal for Dr to think there isn't cancer after a cone biopsy? Could there still be pre cancer that went into cancer sense my cone? I'm really nervous. my next appointment isn't till January.