Colposcopy and bleeding after sex

Hi everyone, 

i recently had my smear.. which came bk with showing slight changes and high risk hpv detected. Obvs I was very worried as all previous smears have been clear. Had a colpo the dr at the time said didn't look too concerning.. she did 2 biopsies. had an anxious wait. Reault came bk as showing cin 1 and the decided to treat me conservativelily and said that as cin 1 often hows bk to normal on its own that I just needed to go for another smear in a yrs time at my docs. Although I'm a worrier and hate the thought of having to wait that long to see if it goes bk I took it as positive news. Since then I have had 2 occasions of bleeding after  sex. The day after and spotting for a few days. Initially the blood it quite red. This is worrying me and stressing me out. I have had two occasions before smear where that happened but both time bleed quite a bit so thought it had brought on my period. As bleed for 7 days. I should add that all of this has only started since I got swapped to a different pill last Nov. I got pit on the mini pill desogestrel. your not supposed to bleed at all but I have had a period every month I've been on it .. but not always at the same time every month  so I never no where I am with my periods. So sometimes I've put the bleeding after sex down to the pill. Now this has happened twice since colposcopy and I have been told I have cin 1 I am really worried something has been missed? I have been bk to docs and she did an swab for infec and has wrote to gynocology to see if they want to see me again so now just waiting again which I can't stand!!!  I'm in two minds to stop taking my pill and get my periods bk to normal and see if  continue to bleed after sex. I just don't no what to do for the best ? 

any help would be much appreciated x