Colposcopy and biopsy


A brief outline on my past - had CIN3 at an early age (19-20) and had lazer treatment at that time (25+ years ago) and am now the young age of 46.

I have had irregular bleeding now for the best part of this year, (with clots) - sorry to be graphic!... together with terrible back ache, swollen stomach and headaches due to the constant blood loss - its driving me crazy - so naturally i went to the doctors to find out if anything was going on.

I should also mention, my mum, my sister have both had hysterectomys (appauling spelling) due to issues and also myself having CIN3 at an early age, of course i am working myself up into a panic!

Had a smear 6 weeks ago, came back normal

After one cancelled visit to gynaecology, I eventually got to see them and he sent me for a 'fast track' colposcopy and biopsy as he could see 'lesions' and a raw area...

My appointment was for the very next morning (last week) .... Had my colposcopy and biopsy and am now awaiting the results

Could it be something completely unrelated to cancer, or is it most likely to be a re-occurance.

I have stumbled across this site and have found it the best by far for information and for people with similar occurences.

A bit of advice would be great

Thanks in advance.....



Hi Debbie,

I wouldn't worry too much, your smear 6 weeks ago came back normal which is a really good sign. When you say that they saw lesions and a raw area did they not mention abnormal cells? Normally with a colposcopy if they see abnormal cells they would give you treatment straight away. The raw area could perhaps be where you had the treatment before and it may not have healed properly or it could have been irritated by something recently which would explain the bleeding. Have you had normal smears since you had the CIN 3 and have you had smears yearly or 3 yearly? x

Hi Simone,

Thanks for responding...

The Gynecologist didnt mention 'abnormal cells' just the lesions and raw area.  And the fella who did the colposcopy and biopsy didnt say much at all. did mention that i had a prolapse womb (but thats nothing and probably been like that for years).

Always have my smears, every 3 years and have always been normal.

It just scares you when you read the symptoms and you can say yes to the majority of them.... especially the paid during sex - it got that painful that we dont even have it anymore!

I should mention that I had a coil in for far too many years - could that have caused an irritation??

Fingers crossed - would much rather it be something minor :)


Debbie x


It could be a number of things and could more than likely be something to do with having the coil for so long. With your smear 6 weeks ago being Normal i can't see it being anything serous. Did your Gp refer you for a colposcopy? how long have you been waiting for you results? x

Hi again,

GP referred me to Gyneocology - whilst at visit to gyneo he referred me to have the colposcopy and biopsy the next day.

Its been a week, but I am told it should be 10 days ish for the results.

Just anxious due to my past history and family history....

Hope you right and that its completely unrelated and could have been down to my coil

Debs x

Hi Debbie,

Hope your doing ok, Im sure it's nothing to worry about. let me know when you get the results xx

Hi Debbie, any news? xx