Colposcopy and biopsy’s taken

Just had my second colposcopy and biopsy's taken this morning as had a colposcopy and treatment 4 yrs ago and got the all clear through test of cure smear.

Was told I have hpv and boardlne changes this time but I had cin2 and cin3 last time so very nervous waiting on my results which I have been told will take 2 weeks I do struggle badly with anxiety, I don't know why it has all come back a second time as I don't know any one who has had abnormal cells twice so worrying about this.

Now I'm worried that I will get an infection as they had to take the biopsy from the same area which was treated 4 yrs ago,

feeling nervous about the wait now 




I'm in the exact same colposcopy is on the 31st so I'm expecting lletz might be wrong.i had treatment 6 years ago but this time I have high risk HPV so a bit concerning. Best of luck with your results x

let me know how you get on.

the wait is awful for the biopsy results