Colposcopy and biopsy’s taken

Hi there I’m really new to this and I’m absolutely petrified.  I had my colposcopy done yesterday and was advised that I have severe changes. whilst carrying out the colposcopy I had a big bleed and had to have a local anesthetic 2 biopsy’s taken and cauterized to stop the bleed. She also took out the speculum and went back in with her fingers for a good feel. after this she told me she is booking me in for an mri which is this Thursday and also got a Macmillan nurse in to speak with me. she also got my bloods taken whilst I was there. Does anybody have a story or experic similar to mine? From what I can gather The mri is usually done after lletz and a diagnosis so why is mine being done before. Please I’ve me honest answers as to why you think this could be. I’m going out of my mind with worry. I’ve convinced myself I have cc. Thank you for taking the time to read. Leanne 


Hi Leanne, sorry to hear you're going through this it's such a confusing time. My story isn't exactly like this so I can't really offer advice but I just wanted you to know you're not alone. I'm awaiting a diathermy loop treatment under general anaesthetic at the moment and all this stuff is bloody scary!! Xx 

I feel so stressed out. I just want to know. And it’s making me worse that she’s got me straight in for an mri. This is always something I thought came later on. Maybe I’m reading to much into it. Thank you for your reply it means a lot xx 

Hi , hope you have got on ok with the mri,I had a colposcopy today and also bled and they cauterised it.

said the smear may not be any good as was bleeding . This was my six month check after having loop treatment .

wishing you all the best .