Colposcopy and biopsy results

Hi I’m new here. I have been having some stuff going on like bad stomach pain, lower back pain, side pain radiating into my leg. Also pelvic pain and pain with sex for over a year now. I had an inconclusive Pap smear last year so they recommended me to come in a year later to have another one done. I had the New one done in November and it came back abnormal. I also tested positive for the high risk strain of HPV. So they told me I would have a colposcopy done. I had that done last Thursday December 13th As well as a biopsY. I called them this morning to see if anything has come back and they told me no and they would call back if they did. Then I got a call from my doctors actual office and said the results are Not in yet and we will discuss them at my doctors office at my follow up appt. my question is is this good news or bad? I’m trying not to worry but that phone call was a little weird.