Colposcopy and biopsy fear

Hey girls, 

id a colposcopy and a biopsy yesterday I was a bag of nerves, legs shaking and was crying when she said she had to take a biopsy , think she took two! 

My first smear and the results were abnormal and hpv 

this is the worse thing I've had to deal wit. I'm so worried i cry every now and then feel like no one can hear me or realise how worried sick I am, I keep thinking the worst! I feel sick with nerves.I've to wait 3/4 weeks for the biopsy results ,after having to wait 8 weeks for the colposcopy appointment so all this waiting and my mind is just worry all the time!  I'm 31 and wish this was just a bad dream. 

Feel like why me. 

is anyone the same on here .


Hi lynn, so sorry you are going through this, the waiting but is awful, we have all been there and know exactly how you feel. I think everywhere is different for time scales regarding results, mine was 4 weeks.

Please try not to worry, and try keep busy, not everyone will have the same diagnosis

Debbie x

Hi Lynda,

I am also waiting for results. It is horrible.

I am so sorry that the colposcopy was like that for you. Debz is right, we all know how you feel. Do yourself a favour and stay off google. If you have any questions then ask them here - everyone is fabulous. If it gets too much go to your GP and explain how you are feeling. 


Take care 


i do colcoscopy and results is cin2 and hpv

my dr say i do ecc

it is horrible

Thanks tigger82 

i will keep on the forum if i have any questions, I know Ye all have gone through the same so it's that little bit easier to know Ye know what it's like . And to speak to Ye. 


take care x 

Hi, Sanaz,

 What exactly is Ecc ,